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What to do if your neighbour's cat poops on your lawn every day...

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Oh well, different countries have their own laws and fair share of idiots/imbeciles like that. Even as we speak, there are animals being abused, tortured or even killed for pleasure somewhere in the world. Ya just can't save them all...SIGH... :TT TT:

I was going to suggest mowing the  litter box... I guess I am not extreme enough!

Not all cats prefer litter boxes. Beside, the cat went with its animal instinct, picked out an idiot's doorstep to defecate on. Good instincts. :meaw:

@Bonta yeah those are the people who get sent to jail and caned. Only saying this guy's different from them in that he didn't do it for the kicks and he hasn't offended before, and it was a provoked attack. Again, it does not excuse what he did, and he's headed to the slammer should he reoffend.

But yeah he should invest in some cat repellant if it bothers him that much.

Do not let me meet the guy that did this in person. I would try to light him in fire and see how much he likes it. The cat was just being a cat, after all. If it was that much of an issue, he should have sought out the cat's owner or set up some kind of fence or something.


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