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What to do if your neighbour's cat poops on your lawn every day...

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SET IT ON FIRE!!!  :on fire: :on fire: :on fire:

Lol but don't ya find it weird the cat didn't GTFO when sprayed with flammables?

--- Quote ---Angry that his neighbour?s cat was always defecating on his doorstep, a man decided to set the seven-year-old cat on fire
--- End quote ---

That made me lol.  :P

For being set on fire, the cat don't look too bad... I'm not a 3d cat person but meh.

The man that did that to the cat will burn in Hell for sure. I feel like castrating the man and set him on fire. Sorry for being a fervent 3D cat-lover. I've slapped kids in the face when witnessed them torturing a stray cat and told their parents that I would do the same thing to their kids if I see that again.

Well the cat did defecate on his doorstep perpetually, and he prolly lost it when it refused to go away. Not condoning his behavior of course, he could have just gave it a whack and I'm sure it would move.

Well, $3,000 fine isn't gonna really deter idiots or imbeciles from animal cruelty. They should just slap a $30,000 fine and serve some time in jail may help.

If children get abused, they will complain to a welfare counselor or police officer or someone related; but when animals get abused, they can't even tell anyone or cry for help. Children get abused, the offender gets jail time, but animal abusers get away with JUST a $3,000 fine?

I think the law on animal abuse has to be revised in every country. :psychotic: :eyes on fire:

Actually in singapore people can and have been jailed (and caned) for animal abuse. Think they went easy on him seeing he had no other record and this cat had been  taking a dump on his door for some time now. Also it's not like it was a premeditated attack, and the cat didn't suffer any serious consequences (only the fur was burnt I believe, no actual injury). Also ti his defense he did try to shoo it away, and when he was spraying it up till the point where he actually threw the newspaper at it, it could have gtfo'd at any time. Pretty crazy cat if you ask me, they always bolt when they see me and I'm only bringing em food... If it died or something then he's likely to be jailed. Not that what he's doing is ok, but I think that's why he got off relatively lightly.   :dizzy:  If he did it again, then he's going in the slammer.

And no, child abusers get off easy all the time, and there are no 'council workers' in singapore. Well there are but no where near effective and they mainly only cater to sex abuse. You can be jailed for beating up a cat, but you can't be jailed for beating your own kid senseless for no good reason.


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