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What are you doing?

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--- Quote from: Genichiro on May 09, 2012, 18:55 ---I'm running through all the forums I participate on and what not :high:

--- End quote ---

I have always thought the truth about what people are doing is quite evident. Typing a message on a message board... LOL!  ::)

But I did just save the first half of the Prolog to Convergence to a PDF file to upload for the reading pleasure, or lack there of, of you folks...

Wondering who added this to my description xD

"(i like girls that love Onions <3)"

Listening to all the children pile into the school across the street from my house. :XD:
They're quite noisy

Getting ready to take a walk
It's nice and sunny out today!

I'm still lurking around...RAWR...I want apples! :want !:


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