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So I made this blog...

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So, yeah, big life moment. Dunno what you all think, but I'm nervous about telling certain family members. :TT TT:

Blue, I'm gonna be honest with you. I feel about gender the same way I feel about every other label ever created. That's just what it is. A label. To me, there is no male gender or female gender; I just go by how people act and accord themselves. If you like cute things, you like cute things. Why the need for a label? Why the need to "come out?" I never could understand. Do straight people tell their parents to sit down to say that they like people of the opposite sex? No. So what the heck. Haaa~

I probably just have a problem identifying what you're going through. That's why I have a hard time understanding.

As for how I feel about you after reading the post: you're still Bluewolf963. Always will be, no matter what. Whether male, female, or both.

Also, I loved the post. Read the whole thing and found some random mistakes you can fix if you wanna.
I'm was just being a stupid kid, right? << fix that line
This just led to growing cycle  << and this one
Me being stubborn me  << more
one her dresses << here too

Meh, I felt the need to write it, so I did. :meaw:
Leafy, did you hijack Onion's account?

Whoa, Onion pulled a leafy. I'm here for you Gen. If anyone gives you a hard time, I'll freeze 'em!

I just gave my opinion. Of course I'm here for you.

I'm just saying you don't have to get so tense about it. You are who you are.


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