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Happy farking birthday to myself! (May 8 2012)!

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well it's another day nothing special going happen just another normal day of doing but wake up, eat, computer, sleep, computer, anime(sometimes), eat, sleep, wake up, etc but this up coming Friday or Saturday hopefully on my friends day off we might be able do something i mean i already got drunk on 4th on my friends girlfriends b day had 12 shots of royal crown lol and boy  i throw up everywhere lets say covering my mouth was bad idea specially it went through my fingers haha.

here's another **** nothing special Birthday to myself!

Wish list

1)get my dam  fansubbing grp going to be able sub some shows but the way things going no ONE going drop by to want to work for me =.=

2)be admin of some kind of forums RAWR admin powers are awesome to max XD!

3)hmm what do i want for my third wish? i guess everyone and girls? to like me? *shrugs* meh XD

4) be able to bring the anime girls i like to life xD

well if you post here then you have showin you do care about me which makes me one 1% less angry/pissed person :P

and thank you for your time to read this birthday boy wish list/rant/some other stuff lol

Now, now, children easy on the language. :meaw:

Happy B-day, Genjo! You're the first person of the brigade to get birthday powers! If you want to give me a fun, random avi, go for it. :high:

Happy birthday! Feel free to play with my avi, too! :3

Happy Birthday! Try to enjoy your own birthday...or else it will turn into counting down the years instead of happily turning a year older!

Happy bday man!

Good luck with that wishes :D


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