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Mother Sues Son For Stealing $51 Million Jackpot



--- Quote ---A 76-year-old woman claims her son stole her $51 million winning lottery ticket and filed suit against him a California state court.

The saga began in May 2011 when Etta May Urquhart of Bakersfield, Calif., checked the newspaper and saw that one of the Mega Millions lottery tickets she held contained the winning numbers, according to a declaration Urquhart submitted along with the suit filed on April 23.
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This is just plain wrong on so many levels. The guy taking all this money from his own mother? For real? I mean, I'll admit, I have my fair share of groups with my mother over many things, some of which deal with finances. Does that mean I'd take advantage of her to steal a jackpot? Not at all. I'd feel horrible if I did. And to use it to buy property like a kid buys bags of candy with his/her allowance? The guy must have no heart whatsoever. I hope he gets what's coming to him. Some kids are never too old to get a "spanking" from their parents.

I'm sure we're missing something here. We can never get the whole story. What if she was a terrible mother? Maybe shes just trying to manipulate her son so he suffers.

While that certainly is a possibility, I find it unlikely, since if they had that kind of relationship, Urquhart would not have let Orender sign for the winnings.


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