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Cuba Travel Embargo Ending?

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--- Quote ---HAVANA ? After controlling the comings and goings of its people for five decades, communist Cuba appears on the verge of a momentous decision to lift many travel restrictions. One senior official says a "radical and profound" change is weeks away.

The comment by Parliament Chief Ricardo Alarcon has residents, exiles and policymakers abuzz with speculation that the much-hated exit visa could be a thing of the past, even if Raul Castro's government continues to limit the travel of doctors, scientists, military personnel and others in sensitive roles to prevent a brain drain.
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This is quite big, and if it happens, even I'll give props to the Cuban government for taking a positive step forward to being more open with the rest of the world. People should be allowed to travel as they please. I can understand why they would be worried about a "brain drain," but if they were that concerned, then they should work on making their nation more appealing to the educated and motivate them to stay, rather than try to impose bans to force them to remain. It's good to see progress in any form. Even if it's just a few comments from government officials, they wouldn't just randomly be talking about it unless something was going on. Only time will tell if the Cuban exit visa is coming to an end, and for the sake of all Cubans wishing for a chance to travel freely, I hope it does become a thing of the past.

Interesting news, since one is used to only hear bad news from there,  a good news is a good change of pace :D

That's how I look at it. Anything positive is a step in the right direction, even if it's just the Cuban rumor mill turning. :high:


I'm pretty sure "Cuban Cigars" are still going to be a thing for quite some time. :XD:


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