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Otzi Blood Cells

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Article here

I thought it was pretty awesome to see something like this. To have a blood sample from over 5,000 years ago? That's a find and a half. I hope they are able to use this to advance forensic science. It would be a major step. And I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg for what's to come from this. I wish these guys good luck with future research. :3

Hmm... I can't really see how this could help the forensic sciences. This to me has more use in the biological and geological sciences where it can be put to use to help clear up areas of human history.

It would help to be able to tell old blood from new blood. Better still if they could learn to index it to a more set time.

WOW! That is amazing! Now they can clone him, like in Jurassic park, right?

In theory, I suppose, but that would bring up a lot of ethics issues. :you seem to be seri


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