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Leafy Application
« on: April 30, 2012, 23:42 »
Position: Reserve Editor and QC (may become main later)
Experience: 3 years of active fansubbing, a bit more if you count my earlier casual stints. As you know, I'm a long term editor and QC for Tondemonai, and an active member of Oyatsu Fansubs (a large and established group). Recently, became a member of Stardust. Also did a stint at Chiki subs and now a reserve member at Liquid subs (Chiki's new front).
Contact: You can find me (LeafyVegetable) lurking in #Tondemonai, #Tonde-staff, #Stardust and #Oyatsu. Email is

I am currently tied down with current positions but apparently you're not going to be active anytime soon anyway. Put me down as a reserve, I can help out when you need something done fast and no one else is available, lurk in IRC and as I am quite well connected, be your IRC representative, but I probably can't efficiently work on an active weekly series at the moment.
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