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Conclave Elects New Pope



--- Quote ---Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires has been elected to be the 266th pope of the Catholic Church, taking the name Pope Francis.

He is the first Latin American pope to lead the church, as well as the first Jesuit priest.

Francis, 76, appeared on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica on Wednesday more than an hour after white smoke was released from the Sistine Chapel chimney at 2:05 EDT (7:05 p.m. CET) to signal that a new pope had been selected. Speaking from the balcony, he gave his first address as pope, the traditional Urbi et Orbi (to the "City and the World"), as crowds waved, cried and cheered for the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
--- End quote ---

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Looks like we finally have a new pope. I was hoping there was a chance a pro-gay pope would be elected, but alas, Pope Francis has a rather harsh anti-gay stance. I'm hoping that he may change over time, though. From the sounds of things, he is a community activist, something I hope he will continue while leading as Pope. Hopefully spending enough time with common people will help give him a more open-minded outlook. We can always hope. Regardless of ideological differences, I wish the new Pope best of luck in his new position, and that anytime he is willing to open up and support the LGBT community, we'll be more than happy to welcome him as an ally.

Oh wow, a new pope at last. I hope he changes to be more gay-friendly.

So far, he certainly is showing a willingness to live a more common life, including taking the bus instead of riding in the papal limousine.

Wouldn't normally bump, but this article is very relevant to my interests.

This actually surprises me. Pope Francis, in 2010, in support of civil unions, but against gay marriage, in the Catholic sense of marriage. He actually realized that it's okay to have his own religious beliefs against gay marriage, and support civil unions at the same time. I'm hoping and waiting to see if he'll hold the same views as pope. If he does, that could lead to a change in stance on civil unions from the Catholic Church. Effectively, "civil unions" are pretty much gay marriage, in terms of how most define it. Hoping for the best to come from this.

That is rather shocking


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