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We needs quick reply.

Hmmm...Baka-Wolf v2.0...more like v.4.0 to me since I joined BW during the 1st BW owner era. It seems more people gather in facebook than in forums nowadays...sad fact...but hopefully some of them will come over here.

John Beak:
I am John Beak, the Nearly Ultimate One, or something like that.
I have no idea what is this forum, but I saw Genichiro and Genjo and I remember you guys so I thought I'd join. But just to occupy a low user ID and probably never come back again ;)


--- Quote from: hoob on April 26, 2012, 21:19 ---It makes me so happy you are still in my lunchbox after all this time Onion.

--- End quote ---

Haha xD when I saw the 'location' box, I couldn't resist. Nice to see you here Hoob.

Same goes to everyone else.

well i guess this nice start for bw hopefully i can get  nice spot within this forums/commuity :P

btw glad i sign up going try be more active more often on this forums XD


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