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I suppose it would be kind of odd for me to write an intro thread as the board founder, so how about I welcome everyone else instead? That works, right? :meaw:

Welcome to the Tonde-Brigade, or Baka-wolf v2.0, however you prefer. For those who aren't familiar, BW was our previous home for the last four years, but, after running into some hard times, the last owner, Mr. #, could no longer afford to pay to keep it running, and so he made the choice to shut down the board. I thought we could use a new home, so here we are! I hope everyone has a good time here! :yuush:

And, as I used to say in the old days, respect the smilies! :psychotic:

i  am SHINI!!!!!! thas all what u need to know XD

nah all know me :P

Sweetness! I like this board, except for the image verifications, but oh well. Nice clean inviting look and layout. Cant wait to make her my new home!

It makes me so happy you are still in my lunchbox after all this time Onion.

It's good we have a new base. Your editor LeafyVegetable reporting in.


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