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Zen's Birthday!

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Panty shots? I wanna play! (Don't you dare say it, Gen!)

YAY!!! Another!!!!  I switched mine to the "ear licking" scene and gave Cirno the other one that has a good panty shot in it! (I have more, but not prepared for avatar size yet... Plus, I really like the subtle knee buckling in the one I have now...)

I'll have to make more of the panty-scissor shots into avatars...

--- Quote from: Cirno on September 18, 2012, 16:39 ---Panty shots? I wanna play! (Don't you dare say it, Gen!)

--- End quote ---
Hmmmm... Do I hear the theme of Gen's avatars for his next birthday being suggested? Start working, Gen! Under a year to get enough shots!  ;D

Something tells me she probably meant something like me muttering something about her giving actual panty shots. :XD:

Panty-shot via avi is the most you'll ever get from me. Now, from Ms. Easy on the other hand...

Anybody else?


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