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Noise in the attic turns out to be a dangerous animal - the Ex-boyfriend!


A NC woman had noticed some nails in her ceiling starting to come out and was hearing noises in the attic. Figuring some sort of vermin had gotten trapped up there, she sent her older sons and a nephew up to check it out. It turns out it was the nastiest type of vermin in existence! The dreaded ex-boyfriend!

They had dated 10 years ago and broke up because he got involved in some sort of petty crime. About a year ago she had him help install some doors at her house and he recently got out of jail. (No word on why he was in...) When the boys found him, he calmly came down with a smile on his face and disappeared before the cops could get there. He had been living up there for about two weeks and was using two drink cups to "excrete". She doesn't know how he got up there, since the only entrance is from the inside of the house, but she had her locks changed as a precaution!

Sounds like some sort of creepy movie plot! I think Nick Nolte is the right guy for the role... At his worst, he does creepy better than most Hollywood actors, but cleans up nice for the "before" scenes... Of course, there would have to be more action or at least blood and guts to make it into a movie...

I'm sure Hollywood could turn this into some kind of crazy horror movie. They seem to be coming up with those left and right. I couldn't begin to imagine just how unnerving it would be to find someone in the attic like that. I don't even know how someone would begin to be able to live up in someone's attic. Hopefully they'll find the guy, and put him in a nice, padded cell, because he's crazy for pulling something like that, and that's saying a lot coming from me. :omg:

I would freeze him solid if I found an ex hiding up in our attic. The scary part is that our attic looks a lot like the one in that woman's house. Good thing our attic is too full of junk for anyone to try to live up there!


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