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Study: Women ogle other women's breasts, too!


We all know that men tend to, shall we say, observe certain body parts on women to the exclusion of others. At times, this is perceived as being rude or objectifying, leading to comments or thoughts along the lines of, "My eyes are up here!"

Well, a recent study showed that it isn't only men that tend to objectify women!

From the article:

--- Quote ---The study authors showed the test subjects pictures of fully clothed and normal-looking (not a 7.5 among them) people; then two photos, with one "sexual" body part digitally modified in some way. They were told to identify the modified image (i.e., a lady was given rounder breasts in the modified photo). A woman's sexual body parts were more recognizable when the photo was shown isolating that body part, BUT a man's sexy parts (you can see his "sense of humor" in a picture?) were easier to recognize when showing the whole man.

Scientists were excited because, and I'm paraphrasing, they only thought people objectified hot chicks, but this proves that we objectify all women. They were also amped that women do as much objectifying of women as men do. They could have proved that last point by watching Cinemax after 11 p.m.
--- End quote ---

So gals, next time a guy is checking out your breasts instead of making eye contact, give the fella a break! It isn't like he is abnormal or only interested in sex or some sort of pervert! Everybody does it, even women! (OK... he probably is only interested in sex and some sort of pervert, but that doesn't make him abnormal!)

[NOTE: To those reading this who belong to the DFC subset of the female gender, I apologize if the concepts described in the above paragraphs and linked article are entirely foreign and the concept of someone looking at your breasts is incomprehensible. I promise that I will ogle your breasts next time I see you, just to make you feel better, or you could make Gen do it for me!]


--- Quote from: zensunni on August 15, 2012, 13:54 ---or you could make Gen do it for me!
--- End quote ---

Are you trying to get me killed!? :omg:

Anyway, I used to have a serious problem with wandering eyes, but I've since learned to appreciate the face of a woman more than her breasts (or lack thereof).

I look sometimes... taking a peak at what I don't have.


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