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The World's First Website; The Internet is Now 21


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The world's first website, as it appeared in 1992

Whether you know who Tim Berners-Lee is or not, you wouldn't be reading this right now if it weren't for him and his work on developing the world wide web. The site as it appeared back then is hardly anything remarkable. It's completely devoid of images or any kind of serious formatting, but as proof of concept, it's an icon. It's amazing to see where it all started, isn't it? Just think, many years from now, even what we today call the most impressive sites will be relics of history. I can't wait for see what lies in wait over the next 21 years!

Oh wow, the Internet is now old enough to drink? Hard to believe the Internet is younger than Gen. Seems like it's been around forever!

Let's take the internet out to a bar, get it sloppy drunk, and take it to a frat party!

Wait... I think that's been done before...

I think that's been done way too many times. That's why it's so full of ****. Too many drunken romps. :you seem to be seri

Is that the reason? I thought it was because the Internet is full of perverts.


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