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Mars Curiosity Rover


Article here

Good to see the space program at work once again. It's felt like our exploration programs have been lacking a bit since the ending of the Space Shuttle Program. Hopefully having better equipment for better photos will give us some more information to work with in our exploration of the red planet. I would like to know where the gravel came from, as well. It would be nice to see an credible explanation come from their current research mission.

I can't wait to see what fun stuff they learn!

I was awake when it landed and forgot to check the feed! :( Hope they get lots of good data!

I'm waiting to see what kinds of pictures they can get with their color camera, once they take the dust cover off of it. The one they took with it on looks really bad. :omg:

First color photo and article

It really does look like it was taken by a RAZR (I had one, so I'd know). Still, it's just because of the dust cover. The black and white photos look stunning. I'm sure if they can get that with just black and white, then I'm sure then can get something truly amazing in color.

I sure hope they can get some better color pictures soon. I know there's a good reason for the dust cover, but it just makes the image look so blurry.


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