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Olympic Gold Medalist inspired by Manga!


Japanese individual all-around gold medalist Kōhei Uchimura was inspired to excel in gymnastics by the Ganba! Fly High manga, written by Shinji Morisue, who was an Olympic gold medalist on the Horizontal Bar in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, as well as winning Silver on the Long Horse Vault and the bronze in the team overall competition! (The article says gold, but that is a mistake. The US team won the team gold that year, which was also a year without the Soviet Union, which does put a damper on the achievements of the athletes, but doesn't change the color of their medals!)

Incidentally, Uchimura and the Japanese team also won silver in the team competition, besting their 1984 predecessors by one spot. The individual event medals will be done later this week. Hopefully Uchimura can bring home some more gold!

That's the power of awesome manga for you! :grin:

It would be great to see a gold medal come their way!


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