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Rope Swing Fail


From the makers of Swimming Pool Fail comes Rope Swing Fail!!

You know, I don't think rope swings were made for larger people. :XD:

As for my favorite fail, the guy who swings off the boat, only to swing into it.

Painfully funny! People are soooooo stupid!

My favorite was the one with great form that then caught his foot and swung back upside down into the water!

One of my co-workers has a 16 yo son that broke his middle finger on a rope swing recently, and another one of his friends did the same thing. Evidently the knot on the rope is really vicious! :) The fact that two of them did it suggests something about the level of forethought going on here...

I love that mentality; it happened to him, but it won't happen to me... ow! It happened to me, too! Now, if there was a third that went and did the same thing... :omg:

Now I want to get a rope swing, and put Gen on it. Or I could try Gen to try out that one his cousins have, if they still have it.

I think the one my cousins had is gone. I think the trees ended up snapping, or something. That thing most certainly was not safe. I could see the trees snapping if I did try it, because that's my luck for you. :omg:


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