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First American Woman in Space, Sally Ride Passes on at 61



--- Quote ---Sally Ride, the first American woman to travel into space, died Monday at the age of 61, the Associated Press reported.

The cause of death was pancreatic cancer, according to a statement posted on the website of Sally Ride Science, a science education company she founded in 2001. She had been battling the disease for 17 months.
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I remember reading about her when I was in elementary school. She really was an amazing person, more so knowing that she started up a company that promoted engaging children in science. She will be missed by all. It's a shame she lost a battle with cancer. May her trip to the true final frontier be peaceful.

Aw... it sucks she ended up getting cancer; she should have been someone to live a lot longer! She was a pretty cool woman to go up into space; the world will miss her.

Such a shame! Same age as my mom when she died... Sad... :(

Aye. I wish people would stop using this as a point to attack Romney with. Yeah, his policies certainly do not support any kind of rights for her partner, and it's questionable how sincere his condolences can be, but hit him about it over something else, please?

Knowing she was a member of the LGBT community only adds to her greatness; I hope it serves to inspire all LGBT youth that there is no ceiling to the heights they can reach, from a woman who has gone as high as anyone can.


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