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--- Quote ---AURORA, Colo. ? As the new Batman movie played on the screen, a gunman dressed in black and wearing a helmet, body armor and a gas mask stepped through a side door. At first he was just a silhouette, taken by some in the audience for a stunt that was part of one of the summer's most highly anticipated films.

But then, authorities said, he threw gas canisters that filled the packed suburban Denver theater with smoke, and, in the confusing haze between Hollywood fantasy and terrifying reality, opened fire as people screamed and dove for cover.
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This whole tragedy is a nightmare, plain and simple. The people there were out trying to have a good time, getting the thrill of being the first to see the new movie, and then one sociopath murderer ends it all in a crazed attack, the motives of which are still unknown. If I had to guess, I'd say he had some kind of deep rooted problem that finally burst within the last few weeks, prompting him to plan out this attack. The fact that he had his apartment rigged with traps shows there was certainly planning involved. As for the gun control issue brought up in the video, laws can only do so much. They can make it harder for criminals to get their hands on weapons, but if they are committed to getting a weapon to kill, they will continue to try. Better laws couldn't hurt, but we do need to keep an eye on the socio-economic health of this country, as well.

That guy is just plain sick! Just up and shooting people, and for no reason? All those people had to die, just because some guy wanted it? Ugh... this world and it's people... they just don't make sense sometimes.

The world really doesn't make sense some times. That's just how it is, I suppose. Maybe one day that will chance.

Found another article update yesterday:

--- Quote ---Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition online, along with four guns at local stores, in the weeks leading up to the tragic event that claimed numerous lives and left dozens injured at a movie theater outside Denver.

At a news conference on Friday night, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said, "My understanding is all weapons he possessed, he possessed legally. All ammunition he possessed, he possessed legally."
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Now this is just plain nuts. All the weapons and ammunition he had, and it was all legal? I dunno, but something seems a little wrong with that. I mean, I understand we have rights to weapon possession, but this seems to be a tad on the extreme side. Perhaps they should add a mental evaluation to the requirements of purchasing arms? Something like that might actually help out in cases like this.

He had all those weapons legally? For real? How does that even work? That's just... someone should set up some kind of regulations to prevent that from happening!

The world if flippn' nuts!


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