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Main Rules
« on: April 26, 2012, 08:04 »
Greetings! Welcome to the Tonde Brigade! We welcome everyone who loves anime, from those looking for a board to post of their love of Japanese art and culture to old friends looking to remember times of old to those looking to meet new people and make many new, happy memories. We're a pretty chill group, for the most part, and take it pretty easy, but, seeing as there's always that one person out there who has to try to ruin it for everyone, we have to lay down some ground rules.

Posting Rules and Guidelines

  • The majority of this board is for worksafe content only. All NSFW materials need to be appropriately flagged/kept in their proper subforum. This goes for images and text. (This is not Def Comedy Jam, keep it family friendly)
  • Do not hotlink images from sites other than your own. If you wish to post an image from another site, use a free image host, and hotlink that.
  • Please limit image sized to 640x480px, so as not to stretch the board, and 150k per image to keep loading times reasonable. If an image is bigger than that, please post a thumbnail or link to it.
  • Please try to post in proper English. This is an international board, and we all need a baseline for proper communication with one another. As such, be wary of using slang that may be hard to understand or unintentionally offensive. Grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but don't make a post that reads like "All Your Base," either.
  • Please try to use a spell check before posting. Many browsers come with one built in; you should try to use it
  • Avoid posting spam/one work entries in the main part of the forums. If you feel the urge to spam, do so in the general discussion board. There are no awards for high post counts, so there's no point in making millions of posts.
  • Refrain from double posting. If you have something you need to add, then edit your previous post, don't make a new one. The only exception is "project" threads, such as threads devoted to game development or announcement threads in sub group boards.
  • If there are forum stickies, please read them, as they often lay out guidelines for the content of the board you are trying to post in. Claims of "I didn't know" in reference to information clearly posted will be ignored
  • Make sure to keep your threads in the proper forum. If you're not sure, ask, do not assume. If all else fails, post in the general forum, and a mod feels the topic would be better suited elsewhere, it will be moved for you.
  • If a thread has been pushed off of the main page of the board, make a new thread. There's no need to revive dead threads, unless they are "project" or "announcement" threads. If necessary, you may link to the old thread.


This site is based around a fansub group, and as such, there may be links available to Japanese content. However, as we are based in the US, there will be no Region 1 content posted on this board. Love them or hate them, English Animation and Manga companies put a lot of time and effort into producing anime and manga for us, and deserve proper support. The rules related to piracy are as follows:
  • Do not post links to any content with an official Region 1 release
  • Do not ask for help with any pirated material; if you pirated something, and can't get it to work, you're on your own
  • Do not link to or promote sites that engage in pirating R1 materials
  • Do not discuss anything you yourself have pirated. We're not going to search your homes and clean your hard drives, but we don't want to know about anything you've stolen, either

Avatar and Signatures

  • Avatars and signatures appear on all your posts, therefore, if it violates the posting guidelines, do not make your signature of avatar
  • Avatars are limited to 150x150px. Anything larger would stretch the board
  • Signatures are limited to a total size of 600x200px. Multiple images are allowed. Again, anything larger would stretch the board.

Username, Display Name, and Nickname

  • Username: Used for logging in. It is highly recommended you do not make this public and treat is as a second password
  • Display Name: How your name will appear in member lists and on the forums, please change this as soon as you register, to ensure your username will not be revealed to anyone
  • Nickname: Your permanent known name throughout the forums; this will allow others to know who you are, even if you change your main display name. It cannot be changed after you register.
  • If it is an urgent need to have your username and/or nickname changed, please PM an admin, and we might change it if the reason given is sufficient

Probation, Ban, and Permanent Ban
If you are found to violate any of the rules listed here, you will likely find yourself placed in one of these three groups, depending on the severity of your offense

  • Probated: You are still allowed to view the forums, but your posting/profile updating privileges will be revoked. You will have access to the courtroom to make a case for yourself if you believe that you have been wrongly accused. Probation terms vary depending on the degree of offense and will be listed on your profile
  • Ban: You will only be able to view the rules board and courtroom. You can still make a case in the courtroom, should you believe you were wrongly accused.
  • Permanent Ban: You will only be able to view the information board, so you may be able to reflect on what you have done. If you have committed an offense of a high enough degree to warrant this level, there is no point in further negotiation. I'm sure there's a place on the Internet for you, just not here.
  • Probation/ban dodging: If you make another account to avoid punishment, you will be permanently banned. We can see your IP address, so please do not try. You WILL be caught
  • Requests for probation/bans: If you find yourself pressed to do something, such as a school project, and you believe the site may be too much of a distraction for you, you may request a probation/ban to remove that temptation. Be warned, though, once you give us a term, that is it. While we can extend it for you if necessary, we will not shorten it. We wouldn't be helping you if we allowed you to give into temptation, right? Make sure to think over your requests before making them!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your stay, and welcome to the community!
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