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Wells Fargo is Imposing a New Fee on Their Essential Checking Accounts


Another Big Bank is trying to force fees on it's customers, and I don't think that should happen. I started a petition to try and avert this. I need everyone's help on this one! Sign it and share it with everyone you know! We only have a couple months before people start getting hit with this fee!


As an incentive, if Gen gets a lot of signers, I might let him post a picture of me.

Well, a chance is better than nothing. So, will y'all sign and share to help out Wells Fargo customers?

hate to break it to you but web petitions never work. Like ever. You'd have more luck with just 5 people in an IRL picket (next to none, better than none at all)

No, they can work, just have to have the drive to make them work. If once person can make them work on Bank of America, I can make one work on Wells Fargo.


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