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Re: Phantasy star online 2
« on: April 28, 2012, 17:31 »
Oh god, oh god! I love pso so freaking much. I tried the benchmark download yesterday and i averaged only 6fps, so basically the pc version is out of the question for me...
My only hope is gonna be the ps vita version or the android version. Genjo, how is the game? Amazing?! :yuush:

well it is AWESOME! i have been playing it since open of CBT and i believe i STAYED up all night playing it lol its well worth it BUT theres some things  going to be Cash shop like rooms(Rentals only) trade option (need active it by spending AC which are Ark cash ) and few others right now everything except few things are  at 10 ACs some 40ACs there trying find out what is being buy the most so they can price it in official release .

they REALLLY awesome thing is the partner system which was on one of the pso PSP games which once you be friend someone YOU can use there character in your party while the A.I takes over it theres two tabs one tab for NPC cards you get for completing there task and the other tab for your friends cards so theres NO reason you can not solo anything in the game XD!