Author Topic: Toonami returns to Adult Swim - What should they show?  (Read 162 times)

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Well, it is official that the Toonami block on Adult Swim will be returning to American cable boxes. They recently confirmed that the actual show line-up will be kept secret until May 26th.

My question to you is: What shows would you like to see?

I realize that the block is an action block, but my list is designed by my own personal desires, not what I expect will show up.

Toradora!, Zakuro, Mawaru Penguindrum, Madoka Magica, Gosick, Waiting in the Summer, Hanasaku Iroha, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Kids on the Slope, Sound of the Sky, Steins;Gate, both seasons of Last Exile, and ALL of Shakugan no Shana.

The reason? Greed, pure and simple. I want these shows to get a larger audience, I want to have some of them released in the US that have not been, and, most importantly, it would mean that ALL of them would be dubbed.

Ones that have a more legit chance:
Spice & Wolf
Angel Beats
Full Metal Panic
Ah My Goddess
Eden of the East
Clannad and After Story

Of those, I think Okamisan, Eden of the East, Angel Beats, and Full Metal Panic have the best chance of seeing time on the show. They are either more action oriented, or comedy that is highly accessible to a US audience. (Okamisan, being based on fairytales, is fairly universal...)

What about you?

[EDIT: My son just pointed out one that is a real possibility and I thought of another that is also a good bet:

Supernatural and Heaven's Memo Pad (Kamisama no Memochou)

As a matter of fact, I would bet that Supernatural is the "New Original Anime Programming" developped for Toonami. It has never been broadcast, since it was released as an OVA, is already owned by Warner, the parent company of Turner Broadcasting, the owner of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and is perfect for the block.

Kamisama no Memochou is also a good fit and was originally made by Warner Bros. in Japan.]
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Clanned Dubbed would be nice also wolf and spice :D