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Re: Touhou Wife
« on: June 20, 2012, 19:55 »
W-what... what is this? You... you made it say that! I know you did! You blurred out your name, so I know you faked it!!
He didn't; I've seen the version with his name
This means you better get used to me. :grin:
Hmmmm. Which way is it one-sided?

Well, this is what I get when I put in my legal name:

And if I put in my FULL name (including middle name spelled out) I get:

And when I put in my screenname:

Which sounds best? hmmmm....
Well, Shanghai is a doll, Medicine is a Tsukumogami that was a doll, and is also highly poisonous. VIVIT is an android from the Seihou universe, so... wow, you attract all the artificial girls, don't you? VIVIT is the best of the bunch.
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