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« on: April 27, 2012, 10:36 »
What is this nickname field? Unique name that I can't change? What gives?

I'll put a better explanation in the registration form at some point, but for now, I'll keep an explanation right here. Basically, everyone has three names associated with their accounts, username, display name, and nickname.

You don't want anyone to know what your username is. It won't be seen by anyone who isn't an admin. Treat it as a second password, and use it as such.

The display name is how you'll be known throughout the forums. That's what will show up in the online lists and how you'll be seen throughout the forums.

The nickname is a special field. It will show up only with your posts. This field allows for a constant. To give an example, let's say I get a Marisa Kirisame avi, and I want to be known as Marisa Kirisame throughout the forums. I would change my avi and username, and no one would know who I was, until I said something. With the nickname field, I can still be recognized as Genichiro, no matter what my display name is.

You can have your display name and nickname match, but you don't want either to be your username. The idea behind that is to make it near impossible for a hacker to break into your account (they would have to figure your both your username and password. If you made your username match your display/nicknames, tell me or one of the other admins, and we can change it to what you want. We'll only do this one time, though, unless you have a really good reason. If you have any questions on the point, feel free to ask.
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