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Video Games / Sword Girls Online
« on: May 19, 2012, 11:47 »

Sword Girls is an online collectible card game featuring stunning anime artwork and strategic game play. Sword Girls offers an engaging experience whether it?s your first card game or you?re a seasoned veteran. The game offers hundreds of unique and alluring cards to collect.

An innovative card-crafting system provides an exciting new way to obtain additional cards and use them to build powerful decks. Players can duel each other, fight their way through dungeons, and challenge powerful bosses. Sword Girls is free to play and works on any web browser or Flash-enabled mobile device.


    Original Anime Artwork ? Extensive library of over 500 cards at commercial launch, each with its own uniquely drawn anime artwork, created by 30 veteran anime artists.
    Revolutionary Card Crafting System ? Gather crafting materials from every battle to create almost any playable card and become the ultimate card collector!
    Limitless Strategies ? Unleash countless card combos against enemies with your own uniquely customized decks.
    Dungeon Bosses ? Unique Dungeons offering challenging battles and exclusive rewards.
    Episodic Releases ? Enjoy frequent updates that bring along new cards, Dungeons and new game features.
    Monthly Tournaments ? Challenge other players in monthly tournaments! Be rewarded for the courage and take a prestigious stand on the ?live? leader board.
    Play Anywhere! ? Dive into the game using any web browser or Flash-enabled mobile device whether you are at home or on the go.

Draw your sword and prepare for battle!

Basically :
This is an TCG games where you can get almost ALL of your cards for free (99%) with a lot of grindings
As title suggest, its all cute girls

Seifuku faction : Vita,
Maid Faction : Academy
Knight Faction : Crux
Vampire Faction : Darklore

I'm usually on ch1

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