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Title: Tari Tari Episode 3
Post by: Zen on July 16, 2012, 16:50
In this episode, we find out how our little 5 man band gets formed for real! It starts with both the badminton club and the Choir club getting their death warrants handed to them by the acting principal, the witch from vice! It seems that the principal is one huge softy and was allowing the badminton club to continue on its merry way with only one member against the school's rules, and the choir club has a rash of defections now that the concert is over and Konatsu's brother doesn't feel beholden to continue on and takes his friends with him. Leaving the club "officially" at three members (though we see Sakai's club resignation form repeatedly in the episode...) Both club presidents vow to keep their dreams alive. Taichi recruits Wien to join him in badminton, but still needs three more people. Konatsu has an idea: They will play a game of badminton, and if Taichi wins, the choir club members will join his badminton club and if he looses he will join the choir club. At first, it look like it is just Sawa and Konatsu playing against Taichi, then Sakai surprises the girls and shows up to play too, seeming to cement her as a member of the club, or maybe just as a friend... Then Wein shows up to help Taichi. Now the stakes are enough for the winner to officially form a club, conveniently filled with the five main characters...

How does it end up? If you haven't watched, I won't spoil it... Unless you read the quote below (in white-text), which is from a guy over at CR explaining what he thinks the title means. So, if you don't want to know about the rest of the episode, don't highlight the white text.

Basically, it's a pun based on the new club's title. You'll find Japanese people rather enjoy puns and wordplay, so stuff like this isn't uncommon.

There are a lot of ways to conjugate Japanese verbs, one of which is a "list form" using -tari. You can think of it a bit like the gerund in English. If you forgotten what that means, it's just adding "ing" to a verb. For instance, "I'm reading, writing, and chewing gum." Tari is slightly different, but this should give you the general idea.

The new club's name is "Singing, Dancing, and sometimes Badminton Club". On the application form, it wasn't written using the -tari construction, but it could easily have been.

So, I *think* the title "Tari Tari" is a little joke that the club will be doing a little bit of everything.

This makes a lot of sense and explains why the episode titles are always "X-ing and Y-ing":
Ep 1: Running and Inviting
Ep. 2: Gathering and Struggling
Ep. 3: Swinging and Meeting
Ep. 4: Getting angry and Dancing

Title: Re: Tari Tari Episode 3
Post by: Zen on July 18, 2012, 15:27
Here are some GIFs from Episode 3 to titillate and cajole you into checking out the series! ;)

First, a bit of Konatsu bathing (WARNING: DFC bathing scene - but it doesn't really show anything! ;) )


Now, a strange Spanish speaking guy that seems to be stalking Sakai!

The first of the cake payments from the debt Konatsu rang up to Sakai in episode 2:

Cute loli eating in a frilly bikini:

She may be a loli, but that doesn't mean Konatsu is not all woman! Just look at them curves!  :o :-*

For those of you who prefer the curves to continue above the wasteline: Sawa in her bikini!

For those of you who are wondering why there is a beach episode already, expect them to be there and in swimsuits on a regular basis. They live in the resort town of Enoshima, Japan, with some of the closest beach resorts to Tokyo. (Fans have started mapping locales used in the show for future anime tourists to use on their Tari Tari pilgrimages on Google maps (,139.488859&spn=0.034389,0.077162&t=m&brcurrent=3,0x6018518de700c4f5:0x347bbe959a029ba8,1&source=embed).)

Finally, a taste of the badminton action!


And a pig:

Thank you for your time!
(  8)

For more images from this, and every episode of this show, feel free to check out the MAL Tari Tari Fan Club (, which I am one of the admins for... :)
Title: Re: Tari Tari Episode 3
Post by: Shini44 on July 22, 2012, 16:16
i want EP 4 !!!! T_T the EP did end were i was like MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!! T+T

most of the character are special to the max not like they are trying with weak characters like few of the slice of life shows.

these 3 girls are a nice combo!


LOOOOOOOOL @ the chibi's Face when the older women came to the hospital!!! she was like almost will hit her! haahahahahaha EPIC FACE

Like this show ^^ 5/5