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Title: Sword Art Online 01
Post by: Shini44 on July 15, 2012, 19:41
The idea was used so far in few animes but this one so far was really nice and With MORE RISK than .hack series and you will you know why when you watch :P

Liked the 1st EP a lot and i hope they keep it up 5/5


Damm so cool!!


The environment is damm so cool also


Voiced by same one as Sanji(one piece) and Ossan! (Tiger and Bunny) Damm this role fit him to the max :D
Title: Re: Sword Art Online 01
Post by: Zen on July 16, 2012, 16:31
The only complaint I have about this first episode is the lack of any character detail. Sure, we know that Kirito was a beta tester, that he is a bit of a loner, that he has a sister, and that he "felt more alive" when beta testing SAO than in the real world, but that is it. None of the female characters have been introduced and Klein, while a pretty cool guy from all appearances, doesn't appear to be a major character.

The set-up of the game is impressive, though implausible - not just because of the "win or you will die" set-up, but also because of the "limited to 10,000 copies" aspect. Lets face it, any company that agreed to limit the sales of the game to 10,000 copies for the initial release would be loosing their shirt! This is, from what I gathered, new technology, though not the first game to use the VR helmet, it seems to be the one of the first to fully utilize the technology. That crap wouldn't be cheap, so the company would be taking a huge risk by selling only 10,000 copies! Of course, it turns out they took an even huger risk in hiring a freakin' psychopath to program it for them! LOL!

The graphics in the show are great, the character designs look awesome, and I look forward to it! :)
Title: Re: Sword Art Online 01
Post by: Shini44 on July 17, 2012, 05:10
Sadly same writer as Accel word which failed to keep up and ofc he got retarded ideas since he made Accel ****  XD

But i hope he make this one way better.