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Title: Main Rules
Post by: Genichiro on April 26, 2012, 08:04
Greetings! Welcome to the Tonde Brigade! We welcome everyone who loves anime, from those looking for a board to post of their love of Japanese art and culture to old friends looking to remember times of old to those looking to meet new people and make many new, happy memories. We're a pretty chill group, for the most part, and take it pretty easy, but, seeing as there's always that one person out there who has to try to ruin it for everyone, we have to lay down some ground rules.

Posting Rules and Guidelines


This site is based around a fansub group, and as such, there may be links available to Japanese content. However, as we are based in the US, there will be no Region 1 content posted on this board. Love them or hate them, English Animation and Manga companies put a lot of time and effort into producing anime and manga for us, and deserve proper support. The rules related to piracy are as follows:

Avatar and Signatures

Username, Display Name, and Nickname

Probation, Ban, and Permanent Ban
If you are found to violate any of the rules listed here, you will likely find yourself placed in one of these three groups, depending on the severity of your offense

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your stay, and welcome to the community!